My TV News Package

Creating my first news package for my Beginning TV Production course was not only a huge learning process, but it was also exhilarating. I feel that putting this package together gave me the hands on experience that I was craving.

So often in college classes, good information is learned and useful knowledge is shared, but I begin to get anxious to start learning more career related skills. I have taught myself many different skills that can be applied to broadcasting but it is much different when instructors or graduate assistants can offer much needed feedback on my work.

The process of creating this news package was forming while I was also juggling my four other classes, leadership programs, and trying to keep up with my work/job shadowing obligations as well.

I go to the local TV station to job shadow because this semester I did not have the time in my course schedule to take the required ‘interning’ course. This allows me to be in the studio and learn from wonderful, helpful people each week despite me not having a legitimate internship. Going to the news station has given me so much insight and motivation to continue to learn and develop my skills and techniques in the broadcasting field.

I feel strongly that this excitement and motivation has given me the needed endurance this semester to keep going even when I was tired and my motivation was at a low point with homework and papers due. Even after all of the stress and long hours, seeing my first news package gives me more inspiration to continue to work in this field.


This is my first package, but feedback is always welcomed. Feel free to contact me through the contact page with any tips/advice that you may have for future development.