Turning Dreams to Plans

People often share with me their dreams of traveling. They share beautiful destinations and ideas full of adventure. With such vivid descriptions of adventures in far off places I find myself sitting at the edge of my seat, listening and imagining all of the possibilities that could unravel in these journeys.

Beautiful places with clear, crisp ocean springs. Palm trees that shade a perfect spot to relax in the sun. Cabins on a glistening mountain trail or watching the Northern Lights shine and dance in the chilled, frosty morning. These descriptions make me feel excited and my eyes can not help but to show the happiness I feel for the plans being made by such inspired people.

The unexpected disappointment shows in the faces of these hopeful adventurers  when I ask, “So when do you plan to go?” People with such beautiful, ideal destinations creep into a spot where they feel that their dreams are not a reality for them.

Here’s the deal: turn those dreams into a plan.

Take the chance to step outside of the familiar comfort zone and experience what seems to be out of reach. Adventuring does not need to be an expensive getaway out of the country but rather it can be a couple hours spent going and living life to the fullest.

Recognizing what is already present and actually seeing instead of searching for what is absent can result in the best adventures with the best people.

An appreciation for what is around us can lead us to take the extra step to fulfill dreams and to complete plans.


Brooklyn Bridge
When will your dreams become plans? What are you waiting for.