Get Some Happy, Give Some Happy

Days & days quickly fold into weeks and weeks of trying to understand what to do with the life we’re living. Each day that comes seems to go just as quickly as the eager, morning air that brought it in.

As I sit and think of all that I have to be mindful & grateful for I realize just how much potential that humankind has.

It may seem like a reach to really believe that people can do or can be anything that they want, seeing as this is what we sell to K-12 students as a way to get them through graduation. But really when all is said and done, whatever a person wants can be achieved- if the want and will is great enough.

I watched a motivational video that was sent to me, in which the speaker said “if you want it more that you can breathe, you can have it”. As I scanned the room for anyone else who may of heard these words with the intensity that I had I felt, those words sunk into my innermost soul.

I began thinking and analyzing those close to me & those who ask for guidance around me and clarity entered into my mind.

This was something I knew & I believed, yet I hadn’t ever heard the words spoken by another in such a clean, formatted way.

The question that I pose is: what sets your soul on fire.

Followed by: what is the next move to achieve this.

To really think about the dreams or the desires that enter into someone’s mind every day, that pass in to become buried by daily tasks and responsibilities is heartbreaking.

One day, and one day more easily folds into numerous weeks where the end result seem to transform to:

I wish I had.

I can arrest that what is being searched for can be achieved. But I also bring this for pondering:

What if what is being searched for and worked for is not centered around tangible things or workplace success. What if it is a multitude of factors that ‘fill your cup’ of the different components needed to create the ultimate desire and accomplishment: happiness.

You may search and search, think and dream- day in and week out. However even if you can go to sleep at night & rest your head with a list of accomplishments I question for more thought of: is this happiness.

This is what then posses another question (seems to be the trend of the day- I’ll give Socratic credit, don’t you worry!)

Is happiness something that can be achieved alone or are others just as necessary. (See I think jeopardy may be In my future).

Here’s what I mean:

I know many people who accumulate status, wealth, fame, ‘inner peace’ or closure. But yet when I speak to them they do not communicate as happy individuals do. When the soul is happy the communication is different (don’t worry I’ll explain).

When the soul is happy and feeling content, the individual will see less and less need to compete or spill everything they have within the conversation.

Now now, think about this before you stop reading, I promise I’m getting somewhere! There is a difference that is clear to me and when it’s broken down it’s inherently ambiguous but still beneficial to read.

People who are building their personal empire may have an appealing resume to share with others that swoon or intimidate colleagues. However those tho display a happy soul seem to keep their accomplishments close to them while uplifting others in order to shed some light on them in hopes of others receiving happiness.

This is what I see, and again it seems like an obvious read or concept. But how many obvious concepts are over looked each day in and each week out.

So here is a challenge to consider: find your happy, uplift others, dream big and do bigger.

finding happy