Get lost // Now

How beautiful it is when there is time to just sit and think. Maybe this is due to my consistent daydreaming, or my adoration for philosophy starting to show. Either way, I feel that alone time for thought is simple and lovely.

To have time for one’s self to reflect on the day, week, month or year brings calmness and peace of mind that can otherwise be difficult to track down. Busy lifestyles can bring unhealthy amounts of stress and worry that could be due to not having enough down time.

We get into habits that include non stop running and doing. The human mind can only function so much at a time. To be awake and mindful offers rest and peace for the brain just as sleep does.

Creating good routines and habits can help with lowering stress and controlling other unpleasant barriers in life.

Often times it’s easy to miss the beauty that the world has to offer, take an extra second or two {yes please!} to notice and be mindful of what’s around. It really is sad to think of how many things we miss each day just because we are so absorbed our busy lives, & focused on the future instead of the present. The present really does have so much to offer us, that really we can never get back. 

So often, the future is what occupies what we say, or what we do. But Jeez, what a fresh breath of air it could be to simply be mindful of our current places in life, even if only for a couple of minutes each day. Really, this is as simple as taking a few deep breaths, grounding ones self to the present moment and then focusing on what is normally ignored. Many people do practice mindfulness  through a meditative routine (highly recommend) but that is not entirely what I’m advocating for through this post.

The benefits are never-ending and believe me, your soul will thank you.

It’s obvious after only reading bits & pieces from my page, that I am a huge advocate for adventuring and finding yourself. If this is something that you’re looking for, being mindful of your present state in life is the first step. After incorporating mindfulness practices into daily life, everything else may seem to fall into place.

It seems that the overall awareness leads to a different way of thinking and feeling towards one’s surroundings. This is clear in a person’s attitude or outlook on life. Positivity and peacefulness is a direct outcome from mindfulness in my opinion and I can not vouch for this enough.

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brick coffee
Coffee from an extra cute coffee shop I found in rural Missouri. My caffeine radar is always working, thankfully.