Feelin’ Yellow

Do you feel yellow?

Yellow feels like a shock of happiness, a flow of serenity and a spark of inspiration. It can change the course of your day or it can add a quick ‘pick me up’ instantaneously. It feels like a fresh inhalation of vibrancy that makes ya want to go out and soak up some sun.

Thank goodness for the blossoming yellow trend that we saw this summer. It seemed like around every corner I was noticing this spunky, contagious color.

Even with this summer coming to a close and fall peaking into this September, yellow is still stuck to many social media pages, and is still the trending nail polish color for this year – bless -.

This trend has been extremely beneficial – Here’s why:

Yellow is a bright, happy color. When you see yellow, what comes to mind?

Sunshine, warmth, summer?

However on the flip side, yellow can trigger feelings of nostalgia, or even sadness depending on which yellow on a paint swatch that you’re looking at. This underrated, newly appreciated color brings such strong visual reactions and always leaves me with a lovely, happy, peaceful glow.

Are you feeling yellow? If so, let me know.

Featured photo taken by Lany Wallace.

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Photo taken by Scott Martin