Softball swinging for the fences as season begins

Out with the old, and in with the new as the Mississippi State University softball team is ready for a fresh chance to level up after a previous season full of success. Slides, steals and endless reps are what can be seen on the practice field, with dirt clouds lingering and players’ excitement growing. All eyes are on MSU and the rising underclassman stars.

Emily Heimberger, a senior utility player from Pawleys Island, South Carolina, said she and the team are excited. Heimberger explained she is looking forward to making this season even better than the last, which means working hard and never giving up.

“We have a saying, ‘We don’t go away.’ It’s one of our core covenants, and our definition of competitive,” Heimberger said. “Basically, we have our foot on the gas from start to finish—whether it’s start to finish of the game or start to finish of the season. We’re never going to let up.”

Softball fans’ eyes are on the team, and locked on star player Mia Davidson. Davidson’s freshman year proved to be exemplary, and her team believes she will continue to succeed.

“I think the sky’s the limit for Mia and it was incredible to be a part of all the amazing things she did, and we are all ecstatic to be able to take the field with her,” Heimberger said. “I have no doubt she’s going to do things even better than last year because she’s one of those players that works her butt off every single day and really tries to push herself to the best of her ability.”

Mia Davidson, a sophomore infielder from Hillsborough, North Carolina, said this team is amazing and the girls have a strong bond with good chemistry. This season’s team is important to Davidson and her teammates, especially approaching their home opener.

“Words can’t describe it because I think this team is special,” Davidson said.

Davidson continued by sharing more on her team and their connection. The team has put in countless hours during the off season to prepare for the season. Davidson thinks the team will go far if they trust the process.

“As long as we do what’s best for the team and trust each other, I think it’ll be fine and everything will be put into its place,” Davidson said.

Mississippi State University is ranked No. 7 for the 2019 college recruiting class by FloSoftball. Even with this ranking, the team is not complacent with their previous progress. They are planning on working hard and giving this season their all.

The MSU home opener will be against Middle Tennessee Friday at 3 p.m.  

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