SnackBreak E1// Happy Memorial Day weekend; spiked edition.

As a Radio DJ this past year at 91.1 FM WMSV, I created a segment called ‘SnackBreak with Meg’.

Yes, this did bring me large amounts of happiness getting to talk about snacks and food on a public broadcast but it also sparked a lot of good foodie conversations that I didn’t expect.

I had listeners sending me food news and asking me about my favorite snacks (I have way to many to count…no, not a joke) so I thought I would put together a little snack guide for the average non-obsessed snack lover. We’ll call these the post-college SnackBreak.

Today’s SnackBreak, however, is a little different (why stick to a routine, right). The topic is a popular drink that I resisted for WAY too long. The hard seltzer, White Claw.

Okay, okay hear me out before you click away! I’m a beer fan, not a fruity drink or mixed drink kind of gal – just beer. So when I kept seeing this drink gaining so much hype I thought it looked like drinking a spiked, flavored soda water. To me, drinking an alcoholic LaCroix this summer at the pool just didn’t sound as good as a cold beer. However…

i was w r o n g

Here are the flavors that I had from the variety pack that I drink this past memorial weekend ranked best —> worst.

  1. Lime: This was hands down the best, I’m fairly certain I could have drank a whole case of this stuff because it was wonderful….okay maybe very certain.
  2. Black Cherry: Very good flavor, super light taste and it was my flavor pick of the weekend after all of the Lime White Claws were gone (which was pretty quick I might add.)
  3. Raspberry: Not a huge fan and honestly when this was the only White Claw left I resorted for a beer instead. Other people with me seemed to really like the raspberry flavor though so – to each their own.
  4. Ruby Grapefruit: I just realized that I didn’t try this one! The rest of my girl gang liked this flavor and one even like this one more than the raspberry.

So, if you haven’t tried the trendy White Claw all I have to say, is get on it.

Side note: as the featured image on this post shows, I had my first White Claw…while eating breakfast…but hey it was 11 a.m. and there may have been donuts on the 3 hour car ride that came before (:

Red, white and blue sprinkle donut with cherry icing from LaMar’s Donuts in Lee’s Summit, MO.