SnackBreak E2// Cupcakes, Jack Daniels and Country Music; audio attached

Everyone needs a SnackBreak sometimes…especially one with me, Meg.

Today’s SnackBreak is going to be a good one. Why so you ask? Well because there are three pieces of today’s talk that are being combined to be a great conversation.

  1. Cupcakes
  2. Justin Moore
  3. Jack Daniels

Okay so, if we add these all together what do we get? A great playlist to lead us into Kansas City’s Hot Country Nights this Thursday where Justin Moore is preforming all while making some super, extraordinary cupcakes. Yes, made with Jack Daniels (genius).

Check out the 5 minute audio file that will accompany this SnackBreak (I finally got to it! ) And I added the last SnackBreak’s White Claw review to it as well-just for you!

So. Let’s get into it.

Let me climb up on my SnackBreak soap box for just a moment…

If you haven’t listened to the audio yet and you are a cookie cake fan, we’re probably still friends. If not and you heard me say cookie cake is inferior to actual cake, I must say I genuinely believe this. To the cookie cake fans out there: If you can make a cookie cake that is as versatile as cupcakes *Jack Daniels* then I may be able to understand this fake cake concept. Otherwise…regular cake is still superior to me.

Okay, stepping down. Let’s get back into this SB and why I paired the three topics of this segment together.

Like I mentioned earlier Justin Moore is coming to preform this week. His latest single is “Jesus and Jack Daniels”. So, while I was at work the other day, at 95.3 KDKD I heard this song and of course my snack oriented brain started wondering if anyone had ever tried to make cupcakes with Jack Daniels.

I’ve made desserts in the past with Kahlua and other liquors so I figured someone, somewhere had tried this. And thank goodness I was right!

I found some recipes to these cupcakes on Pinterest so if you’re feeling adventurous and listening to Justin Moore….search Jack Daniels cupcakes and bask in the numerous results you can choose from.

Let me know how your cupcakes turn out on social media or through the contact page linked.

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