SnackBreak E3// How Midwestern Do You Sound Prank

SnackBreak 3.0

Recently I heard a podcast episode that rocked my socks off – almost literally in this humid Missouri weather.

The KCUR podcast attached me with it’s clever title “Midwesternish”. After having gone down south for college I really started to notice that my Midwestern Twang was much clearer than I ever thought, even with the tiny bit of country sound that sometimes I carry in my speech.

The podcast was super entertaining especially with the city love that Kansas City has embraced in these last several years. The overlooked, once forgotten region that is the heart of America is so much cooler than we get credit for. (side note: the twitter account referenced in the audio is @midwestern_ope)

But anyways (the podcast says this is a Missouri word btw) this got me thinking about a quiz I took in a communication course in Community College from the New York Times that breaks down where your dialect is most similar, regionally.

As a lover of language and communicating I just find this so interesting-but as a lover of comedy I thought how funny would this be to have some friends do this quiz then prank them with the results to listen to their Midwestern reactions.

Plus, I can’t lie I have some pretty funny friends + their answers are hil-ar-ious.

Seeing as this is a SnackBreak segment of course I’ll add some good snack news for you to browse while listening to the audio that is attached to this post.

SO with that being said, if you’re listening and can’t wait to hear Jarred and Chris’ responses – go ahead and use this cheat sheet to skip to their answers…it’s well worth it I assure you, especially because they had NO idea I was going to call.

Jarred: 05:10

Chris: 16:03

SnackBreak news wrap up: 24:50

Update on the Jack Daniels cupcakes: They are being baked as you read this and a review/cupcake fangirl session is just around the corner I assure you

ALSO, the MOST important piece of this post is that my FAVORITE Taco Bell item is currently back for a while. The nacho fries have resurfaced and I have seen them (and eaten them 3x this week now). So, here’s a pro tip if you’re also feeling like you’re missing the Rattlesnake Nacho Fries Burrito like I am, order and combine these almost always available Taco Bell items to create a pretty good knock-off:

Quesarito + Diablo sauce + Nacho Fries

This is the easiest, closest thing I have accidently created and I’m telling you it will not disappoint.

Chris’ ACTUAL Map
Meg’s Map (almost identical to Jarred’s)