SnackBreak E4// Coke v. Pepsi + Jack Daniels Cupcakes




Whether you like the burn of a classic Coca-Cola or the sweet taste of an ice cold Pepsi- there’s hardly an in-betweener crowd.

Now, with this being said I thought for this week’s SnackBreak why not put the old Coke or Pepsi taste test into play- with SB twist, naturally.

Jarred has so kindly volunteered himself to be my taste tester (there may have been some snack bribery).

Not only did we solve this Coke/Pepsi dillema BUT we also added what is crucial to true Coke/Pepsi fans.

Is fountain coke/pepsi different than bottled or canned in a blind taste test. The results appeared to be obvious to us before we started but after tasting and guessing…

Jarred failed the taste test!

There is common ground to be found in Coke v. Pepsi war—-> Coke pairs well with Jack Daniels….and Jack Daniels cupcakes too it turns out!

So maybe this means Coke is the winner *sigh*

But YES, you read that correctly. The Jack Daniels cakes have been made by a dear friend of mine who is a phenomenal chef and of course they didn’t last long here at home! (I did save Jarred one, even though he failed the test, haha).

These were INCREDIBLE. I sent her a recipe from Pinterest by Creative Culinary (recipe linked!), and she added cinnamon to the batter and to the glaze that she made to top it off! Such beautiful cupcakes made with the good stuff.

In other SB topics: Edible cookie dough and some kind of Midwestern abomination….Ranch flavored Pop-tarts, but don’t worry it’s not a real thing-we hope.