What’s a SnackBreak?

What is the SnackBreak and how did it begin?

This is a question that comes up quite a bit these days-with Snackers tuning in and sharing the SB around on social. The answer to what the SB is and where it originally started is perhaps one of my favorite, and most simple answers.

It all started during my college radio days-not too long ago-when I was on air and talking about food, and new snack news I had read. I accidentally coined the topics that day the ‘SnackBreak with Meg’ and thus my beautiful snack session was born.

I realized there were more people food-crazed than I had thought. Now, don’t get me wrong I didn’t think I was a foodie lone ranger but I wasn’t aware of how many people were food fans & non-food snobs…like moi.

After graduating and leaving the college world I planned to move the SB to podcast version and continue to create content revolving around food in some way.

The SnackBreak is about food conversation and mutual loves for snacks, yes. However the conversations are much broader than just eating or late night snacking in my case.

The SB is really about whatever, whenever. Snack stories seem to lead into triggering memories about other experiences or stories that people hold near and dear to their hearts and to their funny bone too.

Tuning into the SB means you’ll hear about snacks, naturally. But even more so, you’ll hear stories and conversation about life and ideas that surface from, well-snacks.

This show is for the people who crave tasty variety and a wide range of topics all centered on that sweet or salty snack that brings us together.