Let’s talk Keto

Let’s break down the seemingly, never-ending *fad diet* I mean lifestyle change that has taken society by storm. The all powerful diet that allows people to shed weight and eat bacon.

Yup, you guessed it. SnackBreak is the name and today Keto is the game.

What is the Keto diet? If you aren’t familiar with the Keto diet and this long lasting health craze here’s a very brief breakdown for sake of enough background information to give you basic understanding of what’s going on here.

From my understanding this is a diet consisting of cutting out sugars and carbs. Completely.

I know many people who have been successful with this diet plan due to them following this simplistic idea-and on the flip side they get to be creative with their meals as well.

From Califlower pizza crust to Avocado toast, the Keto fad has blossomed and maintained popularity, which makes me wonder if the negative side effects of the Keto diet are really as bad as I read.

I’ve heard of nail polish remover smelling breath to illness being caused by people incorrectly following the diet that puts the dieters body into Ketosis. After seeing people living happy and feeling happy I really do think that maybe the simplistic guidlines that Keto offers is enough for people to lose weight all while cutting processed, harmful foods from their diets.

Sugars and carbs may be my two favorite things on this planet (I’m really not joking) and even though this puts me on the spot, it’s no secret they’re not good to eat on a daily basis or in excess.

Submit your favorite Keto Recipe for me to try out along with questions I can answer in a SB episode. Lot’s of Keto research seems to be in my near future! haha.

Linked are some Keto related articles to help kick start your own research.

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Harvard Health Publishing, “Ketogenic diet: Is the ultimate low-carb diet good for you?”

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