Seltzer, Game Changer

Okay, okay- it’s no surprise I’m a huge fan of the spiked seltzer that brings people together…and sometimes judgement.

Either way- if you’re on the White Claw , fad train or you can’t wait for it to be over- surely you know there’s no laws when you’re drinking White Claws.

This memorial weekend marks my one year White Claw-anniversary…we could call it my *get over the fact it’s basic and drink up* weekend.

My life changed. The claw c h a n g e d me. Yes! It’s true! This beer-fanatic opted for a spiked seltzer and it rocked my world.

So! Since I stopped turning up my nose at seltzer’s I’ve tried another that I LOVE. And dare I say, the Natural light seltzer’s are better than the Naturdays. Yep. There it is, the truth revealed.

These seltzer’s are a gift to non-seltzer people, and even non-beer drinkers. It’s like drinking a refreshing slushy

*pro-tip* Pour it over a cup of Sonic ice and enjoy.

I may be in training, and spending this holiday weekend alcohol-free—but I’m counting on YOU to drink up and celebrate for me this weekend. Enjoy a Nattie seltzer, White Claw, or whatever floats your boat.

Whatever it is- happy Memorial Day weekend, snack on.

Nattie Light Seltzer Flavors

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