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PB Whiskey Icecream is HERE.

Peanut Butter whiskey is the most surprisingly enjoyable shot I’ve ever consumed. 2019 was the first time I came across this crazy, good concoction in the form of Skrewball PB Whiskey. I’ve been advocating for this shot over some vanilla icecream for a float – like alcoholic treat. Looks like my words have manifested! Check it out, sent into the SB show this afternoon.

After checking out the Skrewball website, there’s TONS of PB Whiskey recipes: look here.

Get some of this and send me your review for a shout out, and collab.


I do not own this photo, it was sent into the SBwMeg podcast.

Coca-Cola Coffee?

New product alert, so good it deserves it’s own post – pre episode 22.

We’ve been there for coke, through flavor changes calorie and sugar cuts. From diet and zero to orange flavored coke it’s pretty clear that the brand is not lacking in ingenuity. This time coke has really stretched it’s normal boundaries to give us a new kind of caffeinated beverage. Coca Cola, Coffee.

Coca-Cola YouTube Channel

Maybe you’re like me and wondering why the iconic brand wouldn’t just invest in making better, successful energy drinks. Why make the swap to coffee?

Well, let’s take a look at the snack-specs.


I think the most important note we can see from these specs is the amount of caffiene. Maybe this creates a big difference for the soda brand. Less caffiene than a cup of coffee, but more than your standard coke.

The more I think about this the more it makes sense. My caffeine addiction and mentality of ‘the more caffeine the better’ may have clouded my product judgement. So many of my friends say they drink coke for the caffeine. I never really understood this because for an addict there isn’t nearly enough caffeine in soda to feel the jitters. This is what they love though – the sweet spot of caffeine. So maybe if this market of people like the taste and are soda drinkers, they could possibly get their caffeine fix from this new, ‘coffee coke’.

Reading up on the new canned coffee, I absolutely love this quote from the Washington Post (article linked here) where a focus taste tester said, “Sips like a Coke, finishes like a coffee.”

I can’t wait to try this product, in fact I’m running out to find one now. Send your review to @snackbreakmeg on Instagram.