Krispy Kreme BOGO

The king of free donuts announced a BOGO for original glazed donuts after purchasing a dozen original glazed. There are always so many freebies coming from Krispy Kreme you may as well head in this week – ‘hot and ready’ sign or not. This deal begins March 7, 2021. #snackon

Bagel Day 2021

Happy Bagel Day! Get your free/discounted Bagels today, from select locations. #snackon


Holy-SnackBreak. Episode #20 is here and I’m so excited I could eat a whole pint of Ben&Jerry’s right now (or 5 pints). I’ve been combing the interwebs and the grocery store aisles to find the perfect snack-news for SBXX. But seeing as snacks are ever-so changing the SnackBreak Podcast must be too. Let’s shake things…