Snacks to fuel summer 2020

SnackBreaks are created from snack conversations I have on the daily. Usually I’m tracking snack trends and cool combos pretty early in the game.

Just this morning someone asked me if I had ever had pineapple soaked in Moonshine – oh the possibilities 🤪.

I’ve seen watermelons full of rum + vodka…but pineapples! So many snack doors just opened…

Moonshine + pineapples = a summer dream.

Rum + pineapple chunks = a summer pirate dream.

Vodka + pineapple chunks = sometime in the summer, we can’t remember.

Maybe Summer 2020 won’t be so bad, if we can’t get out of the quarantine maybe we can soak up this summer the right way. Cheers! #snackon

Taco Bell Pineapple Whip Freeze
Klondike Bar, donuts

Spongebob, Nasty Patty

Aldi Resealable Wine

7/11 Free Drinks for a Week

Sonic, New Shakes 2020

Taco Bell, Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze

Starbucks asking employees to take unpaid leave

SB 15

French Fries in your Frosty? You’re in good company on this episode of SnackBreak with Meg, E15. #snackon

So, apparently Wendy’s Frosty + French Fry combo isn’t as common as I thought! And even more surprising, some people are grossed out by the combo——-> I was SHOCKED!

My Instagram poll revealed only 17% of the 40 I polled felt this way which made me feel a little better-BUT this was only debate 1/2 for this episode.

Yup, that’s right, there’s more. There’s always more! Donuts v. Donut holes + where the heck did the name & hole-less concept come from?

My social media poll currently is marking a 50/50 split as to which is better 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe we can agree that anything with pink frosting is the best option, whatcha think? (:

Tune in for the history behind ‘Dough-nuts’ and more- this week with SnackBreak with Meg, episode 15. #snackon


Midweek SnackBreak? Snacktastic! This quarantine is fueling the snack world and I’m loving every piece!

Midweek SnackBreak? Snacktastic! This quarantine is fueling the snack world and I’m loving every piece!

This spring has started off on the best foot the Quarantined life could offer- snacks, on snacks, on snacks. Minion cereal, Swiss Miss with a lucky Twist + spring Starbucks insight.

Check out my Easter basket! The Reece’s are underneath- the rest are to get me through my army training. Not shown is my snack basket with my beloved Funyun Rings + more.

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