Bagel Day 2021

Happy Bagel Day! Get your free/discounted Bagels today, from select locations. #snackon

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Friday is now officially FRI-YAY.

Select Dunkin’ Donuts, Panera Bread, and Einstein Bros are offering #bagelday deals all day, January 15, 2021. Get your Free/discounted bagel like me!

Panera Bread is also featuring their new coffee subscription, nation wide. This subscription is $8.99/month for unlimited cups of coffee.

Have a snack-tastic weekend. New SnackBreak episode airs next week. #snackon

Coffee Review: Black Rifle Coffee Company

SnackBreak Coffee Review: Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Co is not only badass in every way, their coffee is just as good.

If you’re not familiar with this brand here are the specs :

Veteran owned and operated. The founder and CEO of BRCC, Evan Hafer is a Green Beret (impressed yet?) who has broken down the coffee process piece by piece to bring at home coffee drinkers a tasty beverage that is far from ordinary.

It’s pretty well known that I’m a die hard caffeine addict. My toxic trait really is needing to buy iced coffee every time I leave the house. Literally, every time.

For Christmas I was blessed with a popular device that I had been resisting for far too long, the Kuerig. Here me out, I don’t just drink one cup so why would I want to re-brew for every cup? Nope, I was wrong. It’s so easy and it’s so nice to have a FRESH cup every – single – time.

I’ve been wanting to try BRC but with the holidays I just kept forgetting to order. So finally, with my Kuerig now up and running *every morning* I finally got around to ordering a sample pack of BRCC coffee ’rounds’ aka kcups linked here.

They offer a ‘Coffee Club’ subscription service that offers free shipping, right to your home. For veterans and service members, BRCC is committed to hiring $10,000 upon their growth as well as military preference to veteran owned suppliers and vendors.

Truthfully, this coffee brand is worth trying. They are making a fantastic product and still serving by sending coffee to troops world wide.

You already know what’s next, send SB your coffee reviews! Find the SB on instagram @snackbreakmeg



Holy-SnackBreak. Episode #20 is here and I’m so excited I could eat a whole pint of Ben&Jerry’s right now (or 5 pints).

I’ve been combing the interwebs and the grocery store aisles to find the perfect snack-news for SBXX. But seeing as snacks are ever-so changing the SnackBreak Podcast must be too. Let’s shake things up a bit for this Episode, what do ya think?

For starters –> were giving away

5 DOZEN DONUTS to 5 lucky winners

5 Q&A answers

Q: Favorite Poptart?

A: My favorite Poptart is smores BUT my favorite Poptart snack is cookies and cream poptart, toast it or warm it in the microwave, then put it in a bowl with a couple scoops of icecream on top. YUM!

Q: Chocolate v. White Cake?

A: Probably white cake, especially wedding cake. Shamelessly, I really love a simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Q: Favorite Snack of All Time? Pick one!

A: This feels like parents picking a favorite kid, am I betraying other snacks by picking just one? My favorite snack changes but currently I’m really loving…

Q: Favorite MRE Snack?

A: My favorite MRE snack –> either the combos or any cake. MRE gfx linked here

Q: Favorite MRE Meal?

Anything with PB&J on bread, or Cheese Tortellini.

And of course, here’s the lastest and greatest, new foodie finds.

Swiss Miss releases pumpkin spice hot chocolate

Sugar Cookie, flavored Hersey’s Kisses

Dirty Werewolf Starbucks Order

Costco Pecan Lava Cakes

Election Smash Cakes

Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut

Toffee Buttermint Wine

Aldi Halloween Gingerbread (chocolate) House

Happy Snacking, #snackon

SB Review: Frozen Pizza Find

My favorite food is frozen pizza. No, I’m not joking I just really love frozen pizza – and not the gourmet stuff either, I’m talking cardboard box crust type frozen pizza.

I wish I could tell you why, maybe it’s the nostalgia of frozen pizza’s and Block Buster movies from my childhood or maybe I just have a super weird frozen pizza craving (anyone else?!?).

Anyways, getting back on track

I eat a lot of frozen pizza, I think I’ve tried every kind sold in Missouri at grocery stores. When I see a new frozen pizza I just have to try it.

Here’s the latest find: Urban Pie Co, uncured pepperoni and sliced chicken sausage. Here are snips right from their website,

Great pizza but, yup a whopping $7. I love frozen pizza but let’s be real – it shouldn’t be the same price as Domino’s carry out. LOL.

I got the chicken, pepperoni, mushroom pizza and it was REALLY good. I loved the thin crust, and the amount of toppings. This was a great pick!

I would definitely recommend this pizza if you’re having a self care day like I was but this pizza can only feed one person probably because it’s so light.

SB Party Pizza Rating: 1/5

SB Variety Rating: 10/10

Overall SnackBreak Rating: 8/10