Holy-SnackBreak. Episode #20 is here and I’m so excited I could eat a whole pint of Ben&Jerry’s right now (or 5 pints).

I’ve been combing the interwebs and the grocery store aisles to find the perfect snack-news for SBXX. But seeing as snacks are ever-so changing the SnackBreak Podcast must be too. Let’s shake things up a bit for this Episode, what do ya think?

For starters –> were giving away

5 DOZEN DONUTS to 5 lucky winners

5 Q&A answers

Q: Favorite Poptart?

A: My favorite Poptart is smores BUT my favorite Poptart snack is cookies and cream poptart, toast it or warm it in the microwave, then put it in a bowl with a couple scoops of icecream on top. YUM!

Q: Chocolate v. White Cake?

A: Probably white cake, especially wedding cake. Shamelessly, I really love a simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Q: Favorite Snack of All Time? Pick one!

A: This feels like parents picking a favorite kid, am I betraying other snacks by picking just one? My favorite snack changes but currently I’m really loving…

Q: Favorite MRE Snack?

A: My favorite MRE snack –> either the combos or any cake. MRE gfx linked here

Q: Favorite MRE Meal?

Anything with PB&J on bread, or Cheese Tortellini.

And of course, here’s the lastest and greatest, new foodie finds.

Swiss Miss releases pumpkin spice hot chocolate

Sugar Cookie, flavored Hersey’s Kisses

Dirty Werewolf Starbucks Order

Costco Pecan Lava Cakes

Election Smash Cakes

Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut

Toffee Buttermint Wine

Aldi Halloween Gingerbread (chocolate) House

Happy Snacking, #snackon

SB Review: Frozen Pizza Find

My favorite food is frozen pizza. No, I’m not joking I just really love frozen pizza – and not the gourmet stuff either, I’m talking cardboard box crust type frozen pizza.

I wish I could tell you why, maybe it’s the nostalgia of frozen pizza’s and Block Buster movies from my childhood or maybe I just have a super weird frozen pizza craving (anyone else?!?).

Anyways, getting back on track

I eat a lot of frozen pizza, I think I’ve tried every kind sold in Missouri at grocery stores. When I see a new frozen pizza I just have to try it.

Here’s the latest find: Urban Pie Co, uncured pepperoni and sliced chicken sausage. Here are snips right from their website,

Great pizza but, yup a whopping $7. I love frozen pizza but let’s be real – it shouldn’t be the same price as Domino’s carry out. LOL.

I got the chicken, pepperoni, mushroom pizza and it was REALLY good. I loved the thin crust, and the amount of toppings. This was a great pick!

I would definitely recommend this pizza if you’re having a self care day like I was but this pizza can only feed one person probably because it’s so light.

SB Party Pizza Rating: 1/5

SB Variety Rating: 10/10

Overall SnackBreak Rating: 8/10

Tik Tok Dinner Inspo

An easy shrimp, pasta meal, found on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok could be leaving us soon – so naturally, I’m taking the liberty of spending as much time as possible in order to get the most of my time left with this app.

Okay, okay this may sound a tad bit dramatic but I’m telling you- Tik Tok has SO many hidden gems. There’s the musicians and artists getting attention and building their work, there’s cringey dancers and dancers that inspire others. There’s a level of connecting to others where you can find someone who is more heart broken, or drunk-o than you are.

My new favorite find though are recipes and DIY’s you can find and they are easy as can be. SO when I was on dinner duty last night I was lucky enough to see a tik tok meal that was easy and made with mostly what I already had at home. Of course I modified it to make it easier on myself (LOL) and what I already had in the cabinet after a long day at work.

Find on me on insta @megcarolina

The original dinner inspo I found from @jesspur on Tik Tok. Here’s how I modified it.

What you need:

Prep time + cook time: 15 minutes (add 5 minutes if cleaning fresh shrimp).

  • Shrimp
  • Garlic
  • Butter
  • Pasta (penne or Rigatoni)
  • Red Pepper flakes
  • Salt & pepper

What to do

Start boiling water (mhm, everyone’s FAV step–LOL)

Get a deep pan heating up with some butter, garlic, and olive oil, simmer then add shrimp. After this starts cookin’ add a little white wine (I used some cupcake moscato I had in the fridge). Season with salt/pepper and red pepper.

Cook up your pasta!

Seperate shrimp so you can take your cooked pasta and put it into the deep pan you cooked the shrimp in, get that pasta all in that garlic, buttery mixture that’s still in the pan. Add a little of your pasta water to this!

I moved the shrimp to a small skillet to get it a little more browned and crispy-ish. Added more red peppers (I like it spice-y!)

Mix all together, add LOTS of parm cheese and serve. YUM.


Snacks to fuel summer 2020

SnackBreaks are created from snack conversations I have on the daily. Usually I’m tracking snack trends and cool combos pretty early in the game.

Just this morning someone asked me if I had ever had pineapple soaked in Moonshine – oh the possibilities 🤪.

I’ve seen watermelons full of rum + vodka…but pineapples! So many snack doors just opened…

Moonshine + pineapples = a summer dream.

Rum + pineapple chunks = a summer pirate dream.

Vodka + pineapple chunks = sometime in the summer, we can’t remember.

Maybe Summer 2020 won’t be so bad, if we can’t get out of the quarantine maybe we can soak up this summer the right way. Cheers! #snackon

Taco Bell Pineapple Whip Freeze
Klondike Bar, donuts

Spongebob, Nasty Patty

Aldi Resealable Wine

7/11 Free Drinks for a Week

Sonic, New Shakes 2020

Taco Bell, Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze

Starbucks asking employees to take unpaid leave

SB 15

French Fries in your Frosty? You’re in good company on this episode of SnackBreak with Meg, E15. #snackon

So, apparently Wendy’s Frosty + French Fry combo isn’t as common as I thought! And even more surprising, some people are grossed out by the combo——-> I was SHOCKED!

My Instagram poll revealed only 17% of the 40 I polled felt this way which made me feel a little better-BUT this was only debate 1/2 for this episode.

Yup, that’s right, there’s more. There’s always more! Donuts v. Donut holes + where the heck did the name & hole-less concept come from?

My social media poll currently is marking a 50/50 split as to which is better 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe we can agree that anything with pink frosting is the best option, whatcha think? (:

Tune in for the history behind ‘Dough-nuts’ and more- this week with SnackBreak with Meg, episode 15. #snackon