SB July-tober

Pushing back October and trying to enjoy what’s left of a COVID summer is tricky, but not too tricky for long living, summer snacks.

July-tober is the future. The future I tell you!

October and Halloween fans are prepping for the next holiday this year with internet posts, recipes and of course new snacks flying into my inbox (no broom though, sadly).

I guess it would be fair to say I am one of these Hallow-obsessed fans-but…It’s only July.

SO I will post these upcoming spooky season snacks (mostly because I’m excited and can’t help it) but, they will not be a main feature until later this year. —or until major spooky snack news breaks then I will be all over it.

In the months between the 4th of July and Halloween, in the midst of COVID-19, while some businesses have been struggling the snack industry seems to be booming. An article posted on says salty and sweet snack sales have boosted during the COVID lockdown and are still growing.

This seems similar to the home fitness crazy that blew up around the time that the gyms and workout facilities closed. People want to be quarantine fit, but it appears the public is buying snacks instead-I can’t say I blame them!

Vampires Hershey’s Kisses

Target Marg, Wine Cocktail

Keto-Friendly Beef Jerky, zero sugar

Sugarfina-Gelato Chocolate Dragees

Hershey’s invests $135M to Reese’s

Peach Cobbler, in a sugar cone

SB White Claw Pizza!

Attention pizza addicts-White Claw infused pizza is almost within your reach. After all, it’s 5pm somewhere.

White Claw infused Pizza? Is this real, please let this be real.

Starbucks Pink Drink! It’s been here I tell you, it’s been here! And it’s always been vegan, here’s how. The Pink Drink is essentially an açaí berry refresher with coconut milk added to the mix, topped *occasioanlly* with strawberries.

Here’s a SB flashback to me, and my pink drink that matched my fresh mani —> see this is not new and it being vegan is far from a new concept. This hidden gem is under rated even though it’s been advertised on Starbucks menu boards for years. 

Even so, Starbucks has now blessed us with a new Pink Drink. Just say guava & passion fruit + summer 2020 = the best summer yet. 

Posty just changed the 2020 summer seltzer game to a Summer of Rosé. Rosé lovers, rejoice.

For me, I think I’ll stick to the original plan- but whatever gives you a tipsy summer buzz, happy snacking *and sipping*.

Post Malone’s Rosé Brand

Prosecco Rosé

Costco, 3lbs Tres Leches Bar

Starbucks Color Changing Cups

Starbucks NEW Pink Drink

Starbucks Firecracker Drink

Truly EXTRA Hard Seltzer

Apple Pie Kit Kat

Pillsbury Brownie Dough + PB

White Claw Pizza

Yoplait Gushers Yogurt


Snacks to fuel summer 2020

SnackBreaks are created from snack conversations I have on the daily. Usually I’m tracking snack trends and cool combos pretty early in the game.

Just this morning someone asked me if I had ever had pineapple soaked in Moonshine – oh the possibilities 🤪.

I’ve seen watermelons full of rum + vodka…but pineapples! So many snack doors just opened…

Moonshine + pineapples = a summer dream.

Rum + pineapple chunks = a summer pirate dream.

Vodka + pineapple chunks = sometime in the summer, we can’t remember.

Maybe Summer 2020 won’t be so bad, if we can’t get out of the quarantine maybe we can soak up this summer the right way. Cheers! #snackon

Taco Bell Pineapple Whip Freeze
Klondike Bar, donuts

Spongebob, Nasty Patty

Aldi Resealable Wine

7/11 Free Drinks for a Week

Sonic, New Shakes 2020

Taco Bell, Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze

Starbucks asking employees to take unpaid leave